VAST2 to VSS VM License Migration Application Website.
This website is the portal for applying for VAST2 to VSS Pro VM license conversion and receiving your new VSS license.
This website will close on March 31, 2024, at UTC+0.
Processing your license application may take up to ONE WEEK. Please plan accordingly.
What Will You Get After The Conversion?
  1. You will receive a license key number containing the VSS Pro camera licenses.
  2. Your original VAST2 license on the VAST licensing website will be disabled, so you cannot add, remove, or download the license file.

Eligibility Criteria
  1. Paid and activated VAST2 Camera Licenses (Insufficient camera licenses disqualify you from this migration plan) or Activated VAST2 CMS with Paid ND/NV Series NVRs as substations in the system.
  2. Only VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V VMs are eligible, as VSS only supports these two VM types.

  1. VAST2 V2.13.
  2. Export license files of VAST2 V2.13 (Refer to STEP 1 below.)
  3. Backup configuration file from VAST2 V2.13

VM License Conversion Tutorial
      STEP 1. Prepare VAST2 v2.13 license files.
      1. Upgrade to VAST2 v2.13 and activate it, then export the License .REQ file “XXX_YYY_Z.req” and the MAC list .TXT file “VAST2Generated_MacList.txt” from VAST2 “Settings -> License -> Update official license -> Offline Activation -> Export request file”. The MAC list file will be exported together with the REQ file.
      2. Go to your VAST installation directory. The default installation directory is “C:\Program Files (x86)\VIVOTEK Inc\VAST\Server". Search for the license .DAT file “MacLicense.dat”. If you cannot find “MacLicense.dat” file, find “License.dat” instead. Depending on your system version, you should find either one of them. You probably have not activated the v2.13 license if you cannot find both files.
      3. If you have CMS + Substations system:
        • For the CMS station, you need to prepare 1. License .REQ file, 2. License .DAT file, 3. MAC list .TXT file.
        • For the Substations, you need to prepare 1. License .REQ file, 2. License .DAT file. You don’t need to prepare these files if the substations are NR/ND/NV series NVR or redundant stations.
        • If you have more than one VAST2 substation, rename the .DAT file to have the same file name as the .REQ file, and keep them in the same folder. Both filenames should match for system linking.
      STEP 2. Fill in the online application form.
      1. Select your VAST system structure.
          If your VAST2 system structure is a single station, go to "VMS (Single station) Conversion."
          If your VAST2 system structure has multiple stations, including one CMS station and several substations (e.g., ND, NV, NR, VAST2 substations), go to “CMS & Substations Conversion.”
      2. Fill in your email.
          We will send a confirmation email and license key to your email.
      3. Select your VM type.
          VSS Pro only supports VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V, so you must choose either if you want to upgrade to VSS Pro.
      4. Upload VAST2 v2.13 license REQ file. (Prepared on STEP 1.1)
      5. Upload VAST2 v2.13 license DAT file. (Prepared on STEP 1.2)
      6. Upload VAST2 v2.13 MAC List file. (Prepared on STEP 1.1)
      7. Click the “Analyze” button to verify your files.
          The website will check the validity of your files and display the number of cameras and licenses in your system. Please confirm that these numbers are accurate.
      8. Click the “Submit” button to apply.
          You will receive a confirmation email right after you apply.
          If you didn’t receive the email, you might search your spam mailbox for the email title “Confirmation of License Conversion Request from VIVOTEK”.
          Or add our email address, “” to the trusted email list.
      STEP 3. Receive the License Key and Activate it on your VSS server.
      1. You can expect an email update regarding the final number of licenses eligible for conversion and the VSS Pro license key within one week.
      2. After you upgrade your VAST2 station to VSS station, activate the received license key via online or offline activation based on your server’s Internet capabilities.
        If you are unfamiliar with the license key activation process, refer to our tutorial videos.
      NOTE: The license conversion process is irreversible and cannot be undone. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at VIVOTEK Support Center.

License Conversion Calculation Example
If you want to know how many licenses you will get after the conversion, you can refer to Migration License Calculation